Just Listed/Just Sold in Indian Springs

The Steps to selling your home seem incredibly simply yet complex at the same time.  Our job is to reduce unnecessary stress and get you the most possible for your home.  We do that in many ways, but here are three:

1) We use our years of house flipping experience to recommend easy dollar adding projects that should be done before listing.  Simple examples are front yard/curb appeal, fresh paint, and new carpet.  We provide our list of project recommendations as well as a recommended provider of services that we trust.

2) Stage your house so 90% of the people who walk through can imagine living in THEIR new home instead of 90% wondering about the family that does live there. 

3)  We live in a video world and that trend is only increasing.  Today YouTube is the second largest search engine behind only Google, what kind of video do you want people to see about your house?  We believe a video that is visually stimulating, engaging, and focused on showing off the best of the home will increase the duration of video views, the number of shares your video receives, and increase the opportunity to sell your home for the highest price. 

Please reach out with any questions or comments you might have, regardless if you are buying, selling, or just doing a home rehab project and want to know if it will add value to you home when you do sell it.  My name is Nate and you can reach me at 832-350-9798. 

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